We've been running this group since 2003 — something we try not to think about since it makes us feel old — and we pay for everything ourselves, from little word-count rewards in November up to and including site hosting and the domain name.

We have no intention of asking anyone for money for any this.  We will never solicit for personal donations and we'd certainly never expect anyone to pay for or contribute to events.  That's not what we're about.  Everything we do will always remain free for anyone to take part in, no matter where we're located.

But!  If you'd like to help us offset our costs a little, there are other ways you can support us, and you get shiny stuff too!

Nottingham Is A State Of Mind


Want to announce your love for Nottingham when you're far away? Not actually a writer from Nottingham, but from one of the surrounding areas and want to express your love for writing in our fair region? Never fear!  Because Nottingham is just a state of mind, and now you can tell everyone you see with a natty T-shirt. (Or tote bag, or even notebooks.)

Coffee Is Vital


They say writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

This writing group would like to disagree. Everyone knows coffee is one of the most vital things to get you awake enough to string a coherent sentence together…

Evil Genius


I knew it.  You're a secret evil genius, aren't you?  Why on earth would you hide your wonderful, insane light under a bushel??  Tell the world!

Writer's Inspiration


Struggling as a writer and need a little inspiration? Never fear. Look down (or around) while you've got one of this design and never feel down or uninspired again!

There's Always Someone Weirder Thank You


But is it a promise or a threat?

Fueled by Caffeine & Spite


We writers have a certain reputation to maintain, right? We like to think it’s sipping tea and thinking happy thoughts but … well, if you upset us, we have whole worlds we can add you into and make you suffer.


Plot Bunny Camp-Out


Nottingham’s favourite plot bunny is having its biannual camp-out! Who knows what ideas it’ll concoct on those lazy summer nights?

Write Your Story Your Way


People forget that sometimes, the only person who can tell your story is you. This is for all the people out there who're told they can't say this, or do that, or write that.

Sod 'em.

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