NaNo Dares

“Kaide did his level best not to notice the lacy underwear this ferret happened to be sporting.  As ferrets were not usually his style and he found them on the whole unattractive, he stood and bowed deeply to her.  ‘My Lady Dileen.’  Forcing himself to kiss her tiny hand and doing his level best to have no vision of Dilan in his head, he took his leave of the beautiful and elegant young feminine ferret dressed in the thigh-split crimson cocktail dress.”

In 2005, a lady attended our pre-NaNo meetup and suggested that we have a major regional dare.  Her personal suggestion was that we all try to include a ferret into our stories.  Needless to say, with the strange effect NaNo can have, some of these turned out a little… oddly.

Unfortunately that was the sole event that year the lady in question attended, but her suggestion sparked not only such traumatic additions to novels as the above, but a trend of creating and sharing dares on the regional forum.  It’s always interesting (if not a little weird) to see where they can lead…