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We love organising our weekly meetups during November and we love getting to find out more about our regional writers.  However, we’re also aware that it’s becoming a little difficult to find space to easily sit at Café Sobar, but finding alternative arrangements in Nottingham is difficult — not least because it’s feels like we’re barely there a few weeks and they close!  So we thought we’d ask you guys about locations in the run up to the start of NaNoWriMo meetup season in October and November instead.

Help Us!

At present, we have three options, although how well they work out remains to be seen:

  • The first is to stay as we are at Café Sobar; there is a meeting room we could hire, but there’s no fixed price, so we’re obviously a little wary of this as all costs for our regional NaNo experience come straight from the ML’s pockets.  But the food is nice and there are plug sockets for when laptops and phones run low on charge.
  • The second is a new-ish place called Bsweet Desserts on Wheeler Gate.  We had a quick look around at the start of September and it looks as though it could seat us all upstairs, although we don’t know whether there are any plug sockets.
  • The third is The Olde Salutation Inn on Maid Marian Way.  This location has small rooms we could occupy, although again we know nothing about plug socket status.

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Of course, if you know of a better location that could suit us and could comfortably fit anywhere between 6 to approximately 15 people dependant on attendance (usually busier at the start of November), please let us know in the comments!  We’re always open to try new places.

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