Countdown to NaNoWriMo: Day 6 — One-Page Character Sheet

There’s only six days until the start of November — and NaNoWriMo.  If you’re still struggling to find a plot, settle on your characters or work out the kinks in your settings, we’ve got a few handy one-page sheets to help you.  Today’s is the Quick & Easy Character Notes page.

These simple character sheets are for making a quick sketch of each of your notable characters.  Print out a copy for each of the characters you’re planning on writing about — or save copies and write on them in your favourite image editing program — and fill out the details.  When you’re neck-deep in your novel and you can’t remember who the antagonist’s best friend is or if you intended the love interest to be habitually cheery instead of neurotic, flick through them and refamiliarise yourself with how you’d hoped your characters would be before you started this writing marathon.


You can download a PDF version of this document here.

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