New Designs in the Shop, and Discord News

Saturday 4th September’s meetup was unusually productive for us.  Despite sweltering in Britain’s excessively-long summer, we brainstormed ideas for new items to add to our Redbubble store, the first of which are now live!

We still have a good few more to design and add too — it really was unusually productive. 

I (Pax) have also finally rearranged the Discord server into categories (yes I know, it’s taken me long enough) and added new voice channels: ‘write-ins,’ so you’ll never feel alone when we have online write-ins — and it’s much easier to speak than type when you’re knee-deep in a novel, and ‘movienight,’ an idea where (time permitting) we all sit down and watch the same movie together, but separately.  A bit like the cinema, but with miles rather than centimeters between the seats and where you can get away with heckling a film with slightly less disapproval.

Also, if you hadn’t noticed — I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t — the site has undergone a redesign, with some sections rearranged and the whole thing generally refreshed.  If you find anything odd, out of place or not quite as visible as it ought to be, please let us know at

It’s almost time to start planning for NaNoWriMo too!  That should be … interesting!

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