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The second in our Writer Wednesday feature, ML Pax Asteriae tells us a little about themself and feels more than a little awkward while doing so.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Pax, one of the Nottingham Municipal Liaisons; my username on the NaNo forums is Kachi. I live in an area colloquially referred to as the “arse end of nowhere” and I’ve been doing NaNo for a faintly horrific 15 years this year. I’ve won every year too, although it’s been a close call at times.

Why do you take part in NaNo?

I like the challenge. I don’t always have the time to sit and write, so NaNo forces me to make the time because I’m quite competitive and don’t want to lose my winning streak…

Where do you write?

Usually either in a comfy chair with my laptop, or in my office, which is dangerous because I can play games in there. It’s also dangerous because it’s a mess…

Do you write outside of NaNo, or save all your writing for November?

I try to write all year, although I’m not always successful.

Have you ever finished a novel you wrote for NaNo?

Uh… no. I’m not good at finishing stuff, so I have fourteen unfinished projects of various lengths (a couple at over 90k!) sitting on various hard drives. There’s a couple I do mean to finish, but… one day.

If you write outside of NaNo, do you do Camp NaNo?

Sometimes. I try it, but for me it doesn’t have the same level of challenge, but I appreciate every word I do for it because they’re words I probably wouldn’t have written otherwise. Maybe I just need to set lower targets; we did discover at a meet that you can set it for 30 words…!

What genre(s) do you write in?

M/M fiction, usually fantasy (modern and low) and sci-fi.

Do you listen to music while you write?

Always. It helps me block out outside noises and helps me concentrate, and although I don’t always hear the music while I write I still end up associating it with whatever I’m writing. I’ve got whole albums that remind me of stories.

Do you read in the genre you write?

Yes, and everything else as well. I don’t get as much time to read as I’d like (much like writing) so right now I’m working through the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher in a desperate attempt to lower my to-be-read pile. (It’d probably help if I hadn’t bought another three last month…)

Favourite line and/or character from your last NaNo?

Behold the NaNo process in action.  I never did get around to naming any of those countries.  Or several side-characters, for that matter.

“Not the first,” Cio slurred cheerfully, also finishing off his glass with a little more vigour than Sedge thought entirely good for a tee-totaller.  “[Country3] had Mad King Eric who had his own winery.”

“Why was he mad?”  Sedge took the first hand from the deck and indicated to Caren to do the same.

“Kept using blood from his enemies in the wine.”  Cio took his hand and still, despite his cheerful drunkenness, let slip absolutely no visual tells whatsoever.  Sedge wished he knew how he was so good at it.  “Made it near-undrinkable by all accounts, but didn’t stop him trying.”

Caren pulled a face.  “I had rare steak for dinner tonight, so thank you so much for that.”


Image spread of Pax Asteriae's romance novellas

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