Writer Wednesday — Riza Curtis

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As part of our new weekly feature on our region’s wonderful writers, author Riza Curtis sits down to share her answers with us.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Artistic image of author Riza Curtis: a young white woman with brown hair, brown eyes and glasses in a dark top.Hello! I’m Riza, I live in a small town just outside of Nottingham, although I’ve lived all over England so if you talk to me for long enough you’ll occasionally hear some dodgy slang come out. I have been doing NaNo on/off for 9 years but have only won twice (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that)!

Why do you take part in NaNo?

I’ve been doing NaNo since highschool. A friend came in one day with a proof copy of her book and said that she’d written it during NaNo and had then used one of the offers to get a physical copy. That was it—I wanted to hold my book in my hands and to do that I had to write a book.

Where do you write?

Annotated photograph of Riza Curtis's workspace, including 'awesome hat to improve thinking (or something),' dragons... because dragons. duh,' 'casual skull,' 'bribes' struck through and replaced with 'writers fuel' and 'laptop for Twitter or writing or something.'In bed mostly. I have a desk somewhere. It’s usually buried under twenty tons of junk. I un-junked it for a photo though (I hope you feel special). In case you were wondering what it took to see the desk clearly enough for a photo, I removed a roll of Lego wrapping paper, six empty ink cartridges, three packets of fancy gems, half a tool box and a not-inconsiderable amount of my wardrobe…

Do you write outside of NaNo, or save all your writing for November?

I try to write every day but it’s not easy! There just aren’t enough hours in each day.

Have you ever finished a novel you wrote for NaNo?

I am finishing my NaNo 2016 story at the moment, hoping to release it end of March/start of April, and although I only managed 20k words last November they are now out in the world!

If you write outside of NaNo, do you do Camp NaNo?

Yes! I have the most amazing cabinmates. I met them last April and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since! I love the more laidback feel of camp and the fact you can set your own goals and adjust as necessary.

What genre(s) do you write in?

Romance, paranormal romance, LGBT+ stories, fantasy.

Do you listen to music while you write?

Yes, I always have music on. Can’t abide silence for any great length of time. My taste varies a lot depending on my mood but lately there’s been some heavier stuff mixed in with the rest; Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy, YM@6, Gang of Youths…

Do you read in the genre you write?

I do, although I enjoy other stuff too. Hmm, I could never chose a favourite but I have comfort stories I like to read again when I’m down and Spellweaver by Megan Derr sits at the top of that list so if you like short and super cute it’s perfect!

Favourite line and/or character from your last NaNo?

The following exchange is one of my favourite bits from Dead Man’s Tale (don’t judge okay, I love terrible flirty jokes)!

“I think there’s ghost activity back home.”
“Oh?” Drew asked.
Sean managed to keep his expression serious, though his eyes twinkled. “Yes, in my bedroom. I think you ought to check it out and make sure I’m safe.”


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