New Site, New Meet-Up Location and Instagram

First off, we’ve a new site, which… should be quite obvious given you’re reading this on it, but it deserves its own mention nonetheless.  We even, after all these years, finally have a proper web address too, which you can see just by looking up.  Huge thanks to ML Raeble for organising it!

A New Location

As sick as you all might be of hearing me say this… we’ve found another new location.  This one, however, has several things that the Roebuck doesn’t… most notably, a lot more sunlight!

We now meet at The Old Boston Coffee Shop on Middle Pavement just outside the rear exit to the Broadmarsh, and they have very kindly given us permission to use their basement — a quiet space with a leather couch and writing spaces around the edges of the room complete with plug sockets — during November.  Which may involve a lot less sunlight… but their main café is swimming in the stuff, along with bright walls and friendly, helpful staff.

They were also our very first photo for our Instagram account, which leads me neatly on to…


 ​We now have an Instagram account.  You can find us over at the imaginatively-named notts.nano where we hope to post more stuff in the run-up to and during NaNo.

We look forward to seeing you all either for our next monthly meet or for the pre-NaNo meet on the 28th October.  Not long now to NaNo!

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