Meet-up Change Of Location

Unfortunately The Old Boston Coffee Shop closed its doors on the 1st February, so this month’s meet will be at the appropriately-literary Costa café in Waterstones instead.  One particular advantage to this is that Waterstones have an elevator. And books.  Lots of books. The site will be updated later today to reflect this change of Read more about Meet-up Change Of Location[…]

Semi-sepia image of the outside of The Old Boston Coffee Shop

New Site, New Meet-Up Location and Instagram

First off, we’ve a new site, which… should be quite obvious given you’re reading this on it, but it deserves its own mention nonetheless.  We even, after all these years, finally have a proper web address too, which you can see just by looking up.  Huge thanks to ML Raeble for organising it! A New Read more about New Site, New Meet-Up Location and Instagram[…]

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