Two gold cards read "person born in the wrong time period" and "grandparent", two orange cards read "box of hair" and "road is closed."

Storymatic Monday – 19th February

Yes, it’s that time of the week again.  A fresh Storymatic Monday delivered to you, on Monday, for your delectation. You know the drill by now: gold cards are characters, orange are situations, but who cares about the rules anyway?  If they inspire you, please share via the usual places or in the comments below Read more about Storymatic Monday – 19th February[…]

Two gold cards read "nosepicker" and "politician", two orange cards read "problem at the bus station" and "the quest continues."

Storymatic Monday – 12th February

It’s Monday, so it’s time for Storymatic Mondays. Sorry, I’m starting to run out of new ways of saying this.  Already! As ever, gold cards are character and orange are plot, but subvert them all you like.  What are norms if not for a little subverting now and again?  And, as usual, if they inspire Read more about Storymatic Monday – 12th February[…]

Two gold cards read "pilot" and "ghost", two red cards read "first day of marriage" and "last rehearsal."

Storymatic Monday – 5th February

It’s Monday — almost like they roll around regularly, isn’t it? — so it’s time for another Storymatic Monday. As usual, the gold cards are characters, the orange ones are situations … but if you want to swap them around, who’re we to argue?  As ever, if they inspire anything please share with us on Read more about Storymatic Monday – 5th February[…]

Meet-up Change Of Location

Unfortunately The Old Boston Coffee Shop closed its doors on the 1st February, so this month’s meet will be at the appropriately-literary Costa café in Waterstones instead.  One particular advantage to this is that Waterstones have an elevator. And books.  Lots of books. The site will be updated later today to reflect this change of Read more about Meet-up Change Of Location[…]

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