Wanted: Your Ideas

We’ve been debating some new ideas recently, one of which is an older idea we’ve kicked around for some time now and are considering starting to put into effect.

“What is it?” I hear you cry!

Well, it’s…

(Bi?)Annual Notts NaNo Magazine!

We’ve been considering this idea on-and-off for several years now, in one form or another.  It started out as an idea for an ebook to raise money for third-world literacy charities (which is still something to consider, I add), but having done some mock-up pages recently — all of which are very subject to change — this looks like something we can manage.

Of course, this is (relatively speaking) the easy bit.

​Things like title, format and of course content are still up in the air (watch out for falling debris?)  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contribute them either as a comment here, or via DiscordTumblrFacebook or Twitter.  We’re considering, at the minute, that it should be primarily fiction / poetry, possibly along a different theme per issue, but depending on format it may change.

Which also leads me on to…

Writing Articles

The idea was mooted to have various articles about the art and craft of writing along with ‘meet the author’ features included in the magazine, but, as mentioned above, this depends heavily on the format we eventually run with.

One thing we would however be very interested in is conducting these same kinds of articles here on the site and on our Tumblr.  Again this is subject to discussion and working out the kinks, but if anyone has any ideas, suggestions or comments we’d absolutely love​ to hear from you.

It’d be great to get some real use out of this site other than the occasional announcement, and to showcase some of the talent we are very, very well aware we have in both the group and the region would be the perfect topping.

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