Camp NaNoWriMo!

Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up — on the 1st of April no less.  If you don’t know what it is, think of it as a sort of mini-NaNo where you can set your own goals and nothing is off-limits: fanfic, screenwriting, non-fiction, up to and including finishing and revising old projects.

This year (I think this is new, anyway…) there’s even the option of going for more than just wordcount.  Editing a previous project?  Then you can choose the amount of hours (or even minutes) you intend to spend on it.  Writing poetry?  There’s the option for a target number of lines.  You can even choose the option of pages, handy for everything from scriptwriting to poetry, to simply getting the very last bit of a story done.

We’ve even got our own cabin this year, hosted by yours truly (Kachi on the website).  If you want to join then message me on the Camp NaNo site, comment here with your username, send it on Twitter (DMs work) or message it through our Discord chat and I’ll invite you to join.

As a note though, you cannot join a cabin until you’ve created a project.

The first meet of the month coincides with the start of Camp NaNo too, so if you’re feeling social you can come along to the Roebuck (there’s a map on the NaNo in Nottingham? page) and chat about what you’re planning on undertaking or play with one of our weird plot-inspiring games.

​Even if you’re not planning on taking part we’d love to see you.

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