New Chat Rooms! And More About Tumblr!

First of all, this ML [Kachi] wants to apologise for their recent inability to keep this site updated with current news.  As some of you are aware, life got a tiny bit difficult for me during November and December, but hopefully I can get back onto something of an even keel now.

Screenshot of a grey Discord chat room showing the lighter-grey text "Text channels: #introduction #general #challenges #camp_nano #nanowrimo"

New chat room

We’re trying out Discord, a text and voice chat desktop program and mobile app. Although it’s used primarily by gamers, it offers a certain degree of control we can’t get from the ChatNaNo IRC servers — not least the ability to have several different rooms for various topics.

There’s no Timmy-esque functionality as yet — being primarily for gamers, there aren’t any bots designed for word warring etc.; if we want one, we’ve got to write one! *ulp*  But we’re hoping to have weekly challenges set up soon and, unlike IRC, you can read back on every comment posted before you joined the room so it’s harder to miss out on anything you might be interested in.

If you’re interested in joining, then point yourselves towards our invite code: and drop by to say hi.

Hopefully we’ll be able to have some challenges up and running soon.


The Notts NaNo Tumblr account is going from strength to strength, ably managed by ML Raeble.  It’s becoming home to advice and quotes to help with writing and inspiration.

I’m interested, however, in knowing whether anyone would want to see challenges and prompts posted there as well?  Nothing too challenging, but from the way we all groan about our lack of writing I was wondering if we need a collective kick up the arse?

Just a mild one, of course.

As ever you can let us know by commenting here, tweeting us, messaging us on Tumblr or, indeed, dropping by the Discord channels to chat.

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